Moving Forward

Hello World!
After a long hiatus, I am slowly returning to myself again. I’m coming back to photography, editing, designing, all that I loved doing. I have picked on running and reflecting on late January, I am proud to say I finished my first marathon, Miami Marathon.

During the time that I lost my father, I felt myself fully fell apart. I stopped doing a lot, of things that I usually do. I flipped through Netflix, snapchat and just stayed indoors 90% of my day. I stared at my cameras, laptop, sketchbook and running shoes (during that time I was planning to run Chicago marathon). Gradual pace I started to open the laptop again, I started to look at what I remember during my experience in high school when I learned about the fundamentals of design, what my teacher said “Look at what is good design.” I picked up my camera following after. Before I know it it took a matter of a week to have the btitersweet struggle of having your photo memory card not at full capacity.

I am proud to say that I am happy to move forward to continue growing.

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